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Friday, June 18, 2010

Six Months til our next wedding!

No, you are not losing your mind, the picture is blurry. Robert, Marisa's brother, has decided to 'take charge' of this wedding! He thinks he needs to be the wedding planner, the wedding photography and walk Marisa down the aisle. The below photo was him practicing, as we were moving, so he can see how he is going to walk Marisa down the aisle and capture the moment in pictures too.

Don't let Robert know, but he'll do well with his ONE job of walking Marisa down the aisle.

Things are arriving at our house all the time. We have Kaitlin's shoes, Bri has her shoes, a beautiful veil is here and now the hair clasp that will hold the veil in place. It arrived yesterday and is in the box below.
Marisa registered at a local store called The Full Moon. I love that store. Marisa registered for a bowl almost like the one below except hers has two birds. I think it is the cutest little bowl ever! Kaitlin and Marisa went right to the bowl because they realized that those are Marisa's wedding colors. How cool is that!
Marisa is a planner. She has her time line and is getting things done. I have to get my list of wedding addresses to her by July 18th. Her wedding invitations have been designed by Ross and they are amazing. Here is a picture of John and Marisa picking out their wedding bands. Wow! six months from today! I need to start on my to-do list too. I wonder if six months is long enough to clean up my house? Nah, I must remember that you are coming to visit and laugh! I can do that.


JenniferB said...

I can't wait! Robert and I are SO looking forward to coming to celebrate with you all!

Kathy B said...

Bryan's dad and his dad's wife used to get gifts for the kids from Full Moon all the time. :)


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