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Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup

Where were you June 17- July 17 1994 or May 31 - June 30 2002? I am sure you were all watching the World Cup. In 1994 we watched the World Cup on our beach vacation and Andrew got World Cup cards. In 2002 the World Cup was in South Korea and Japan. That meant that when I got up in the morning I never knew who would be sitting on my sofa watching TV with Andrew because the games were telecast EARLY (some games started at 4:00AM) in the morning.

This year, my friend, Cara asked to borrow a TV so she could watch the World Cup. Carl suggested that she just move in with us so she can watch the games. She did and we have so enjoyed it. She is very passionate about her teams and it is fun to watch it with her.

Here is Cara with her excited face on!

We went to one of our favorite local restaurants and enjoyed the World Cup with them too.
All my children, that live at my house, made shirts to support their teams. All the soccer teams have nicknames. Below is Kaitlin with her Brazil shirt. Their nickname is the Little Canaries. Andrew is pulling for The Netherlands, John- Germany, Robert- Italy, Marisa- France and Cara- Spain.
Here is me and Cara. We are getting ready to watch a game.I love sports, I love watching sports, I love watching sports with folks I love who also love sports. That means we are having a great time here!


Lisa Cosper said...

Loooove women who love sports! So glad you are enjoying the World Cup. I'm not at all into soccer, but I still hope to join you at the College World Series one day!

Andrew said...

Oranje! Oranje! Oranje!


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