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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Graduation Part I

Here is the first smattering of pictures from John's graduation. KimT dropped off a salad for us to enjoy and jumped in a picture with the graduate! She recanted the time she saved John's life. I was about to kill him for dropping an entire plate of desserts at the Wednesday meal and KimT laughed. That made me stop and think before I acted. John was thankful.
Here is part of our group
Kaitlin and Andrew moved over to get different pictures of John. They sat with a family that cheered for John when he graduated and Andrew and Kaitlin cheered for their graduate.
The star of the evening
The crowd.
Most of our crowd
Uncle Sherrell, Aunt Marian and Grandma
Uncle John and Aunt Elaine joined us too.

Grandma with her 8th college graduate grandchild
On Sunday this is who we saw at a local restaurant. How fun was that!

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