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Friday, August 27, 2010

I am so weak

There was a car wreck in Little Rock this week. Some have said it was the worst one ever. The way the accident happened as best as I can gather is that someone in a van, heading south, changed lanes and cut off another car, said car was forced into the traffic heading north. This was on an Interstate. The speeds were high. One car was split in two, one burst into flames. One lady was killed and several injured.

Marisa came upon the wreck just after it happened. She saw things that we are still praying she can get over.

The person in the van drove away. Someone got the license number from the van and soon they were apprehended. The van driver said that they knew what they had done.

As I pray for Marisa and what all came in her eyegate, I am also praying for the van driver. I can so see myself driving away. I can see myself doing something so stupid and then trying to cover it up and hoping it will go away. The van driver has to pay the price for maybe texting or being late to work or whatever was going on that led to such a quick lane change.

I am praying that today you and I will have the courage to own up to the sinful things we have done and will be on the course of setting things right.

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