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Sunday, August 8, 2010

What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years!

10 years ago this month I turned my calendar to August and this is what I saw. It was like a sign. In August 2000, we were getting ready to take Andrew to college. I knew in my heart, that when a mama does her job, her children can stand on their own. I knew that Andrew going to AUBURN was a wonderful thing but it didn't make it any easier.

I had to keep going 'ever forward, but slowly'.

One thing my mama always did when I left her for an extended period of time and we were going to be in a public place for the final good, she told me goodbye at our home. I knew that I needed to do that with Andrew. I remember the morning we left for AUBURN like it was yesterday. We had our family prayer time, put the last suitcase in the van and then came the goodbye. Andrew was ready to go and I wanted to hug him for just a little bit longer. Where had the time gone? I wanted to stop time just for a little while, but no, it was marching forward. I kissed him with our special kiss that I had been kissing him since he was little and then we were off.

The ride to Birmingham was a little quieter than usual but when we met with Aunt Marian, Uncle Sherrell, and Alan the party began. In AUBURN, Uncle John, Aunt Elaine, Uncle Charles and Aunt Frances joined us. As did Meredith, who had moved in a few weeks earlier for band camp. We got Andrew moved into his dorm, went to Walmart about 7 times, visited lots of bookstores, ate at some fun restaurants and had some wonderful family time. Before I knew it, it was time to leave him. We ate breakfast with him on our last morning together and then we dropped him off at his dorm. It was quick goodbye because we had already had our real one at home.

The van was really quiet as we drove down the road toward home.

Andrew is the only 1st born in our family. He is the mover and the shaker. With him gone, we had to find out what 'new normal' was for our family. It took awhile.

Andrew is now married, several other children have come and gone in our home, and 'new normal' changes all the time now. I sometimes harken back to when my children were all at home but I so enjoy what all they are teaching me as we all grow up.

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