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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shhh! Don't tell Cara!

When Cara moved in with us for the World Cup we decided she needed a vuvuzella. Carl got on ebay and ordered her one. He ordered it the first day of the World Cup and every day we checked the front door to see if a package had been delivered. It never came while Cara was here.

It arrived two weeks ago. We had a great time with it. It came while Carl was at The National Jamboree. We showed it to him one evening, after he got home, about 9.

Now Robert goes to bed about 8:30 because he leaves for his construction job at 5:15 AM. Are you getting the time thing here. Robert was just good asleep while Carl tried out the vuvuzella. Now, Carl can blow the vuvuzella well! Just ask Robert. Poor Robert had no idea what the noise was, he, at first, thought it was an injured animal. After Carl blew it then Kaitlin had to have a try. There was just enough time between the blows for Robert to get back asleep. Kaitlin's attempt was as loud but sounded more distressing, so by now, Robert was convinced it was a dying animal and it was close.

When I took the vuvuzella to be mailed the man who was going to mail had no idea what it was and the more Kaitlin and I described it the more he didn't know what it was.

Here is Kaitlin blowing it. Her attempts require her whole body and lots of movement, hence the blur.

I tried to get the postage stamps on the package. It came from Israel!
This is the package we got in the mail.
Here it is. We got red because Cara was cheering for the Furious Red, aka Spain. They won it all! What an exciting World Cup!Cara, if you are reading this. Know you are loved and enjoy the vuvuzella. Don't blow it when folks are sleeping.

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