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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gifts from God

Some of the many gifts that God has given me

running water to drink and wash clothes

clean clothes- even if they are all over the dining room table- see fantastic book below

a snapfish sale, you can order 100 prints for 10.00$ with the code MOMDAY100. It ends today.

sending out graduation announcements for Kaitlin

blogs and newspapers and friends that share the names of fantastic books

most recent fantastic book is Emily and Einstein by Linda Francis Lee

housework that waits on me while I sit and read- no, get lost in- a fantastic book :)

Eating lunch with Kaitlin and Marci- took a break from fantastic book- you girls know how much I love you!

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Cheryl and Jeff and Jennifer and Kaitlin

text messaging so that I can keep up with folks in hard situations

my job- I am blessed and honored to share life with some many wonderful folks.

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