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Monday, May 2, 2011

water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

There has been lots of rain and flooding in LR. A by product of all of this is a water main burst near our house and we don't have water. Well, no running water inside the house, lots outside!

Boy Scout Carl went to Walmart along with all our neighbors and found out they have no more water so he filled up a HUGE orange drink cooler with water from our church. That is what we are drinking. He put out large containers to catch rainwater for us to use else where.

We have hand sanitizer by every sink and all manner of plastic ware out for eating and drinking in and on.

To be without water makes you think harder.

You have to plan your every water move.

I boiled water this morning to wash a few dishes and that really about did me in with all the planning that had to take place just to wash a few bowls, plates and forks!

Carl just called to say that they can't even work on the water main with all the flooding and it is supposed to rain all day today.

I plan to give purpose today to not having water. Each time I get water today or need water I plan to pray for those who lost everything. This small inconvenience is nothing compared to those who have to start over from scratch.

Kaitlin, being her ever so optimistic self, said that she was glad that no one had the stomach flu when we have no water. We all laughed and thanked God for that too!

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