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Monday, May 16, 2011

A prayer request for you!

We went to Alabama this past weekend to visit Carl's family. We helped Tina, my SIL, with the Relay for Life and we celebrated three birthdays- my Brother in Law, Ted's 50th, my nephew, Thomas' 21st and my niece, Sammie Jo's 15th. You will see them in my blog header for this month.Please notice that they are NOT standing by their own cakes for this picture!

It was a great family time and I am glad we could be there for the celebration. We needed to be there to see our family and make sure they were okay because on April 27 when those tornadoes ripped through northern Alabama, they went through their town.

We are very blest to have a wonderful support group in Little Rock that prayed for our family in Alabama. One of our friends, Anna Grace age 7, wrote Kaitlin a note. In her note, Anna Grace, told Kaitlin that she was praying for her family and that she was sorry that our family had been through the tornado. I can't quote the exact note because I cried every time I read it.

Kaitlin took the note this weekend and gave it to Aunt Tina. Aunt Tina and Uncle Ted were both moved when they read the note. Anna Grace's mama, Kate, asked for specific names for Anna Grace to pray for. Aunt Tina was happy to comply. Aunt Tina is a school teacher and she had one girl in her class that was impacted by the tornado - Cati Grace, she and her family lost everything. We met her at the Relay for Life.

As hard as that was Aunt Tina always teared up when asking for prayer for another young girl, Arie- pronounced R-ree age 6. She was in a house with her grandparents, her parents, her aunt and uncle and two cousins. Their house was lost and only 4 of the 9 made it out alive. Arie lost her parents, her grandparents and a cousin. There are several others in town that lost everything but when asked what help they need, Tina said that they all say, please help Arie and her family.

Would you please join Anna Grace and pray for Arie too? Thank you

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