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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Roque Crew

While I was in Savannah I finished reading The Roque Crew. It is a Redwall book.   I love the Redwall books!  They are a series of books written by Brian Jacques.  The books take place in and around the abbey at Redwall.  The stories are about good and evil and good always wins but not without great cost.  The characters are all animals- British animals, some I have never heard of.   There are 22 books in this series and there will be no more because Mr Jacques died this past February.  He wrote the first 5 books for students he encountered on his milk route.  They were blind so he provided them with fantastic descriptions.  I love these books, some more than others.  My all time favorite is the first, Redwall.  I just finished his last one, The Roque Crew.  It was outstanding but I didn't really want to finish it.  Now I have to say good bye to all the friends that I have made over the years.  I am sad that we will have no new adventures together.

Maybe I'll start at the beginning and reread some...

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Jessica said...

We own them all... except for that one, which we can't check out of our Italian Library and which we need to wait for in Paperback so we can afford it! But we are with you! Even Anaelle is reading through the WHOLE series and Etienne watch a German video based on the first book, with CLuny the Scourge, and LOVES it!


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