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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Savannah plus Andrew and Taylor equals fun

 Here we are celebrating my half-birthday on October 7th at Outback in Savannah with Andrew and Taylor.

 On Saturday October 8th Uncle John and Aunt Elaine joined us at Andrew's for a football watching day.  Our menu for the day included these fun burgers.  I can only handle them about once a year but they sure are fun!
On Sunday we drove to Hilton Head to visit Uncle John and Aunt Elaine in the condo they have been vacationing in.
Here we are at Truffles Cafe Hilton Head.  Carl found it on  It was really good!    
Don't judge me because of Carl's bowling shirt, I try and I try      

Here are our cute and sweet host and hostess for the week.                                

It was a wonderful vacation for me.  Carl and I drove to Savannah and then Carl went to Dallas and Jackson and then flew back.  I got to be with Andrew for two Saturdays of college football.  We even got to watch some sport shows Andrew had recorded.  I got to see their YMCA, library and go to church with them twice.  We ate out and we cooked.  Andrew and I talked about their recent trip and I worked on a scrapbook for their past vacation.  We talked about Andrew doing some guest blogging for me, (I think you all would really enjoy his humor and outlook.)  Andrew showed me that on the homepage on Goodreads on my phone, there is a scanner so I can upload bar codes of books that I want to read or have read.   I learned that Margherita Pizza is named after the first queen of Italy and it has the colors of the Italian Flag.  But most of all we laughed.  Andrew used my computer and got on my facebook account.  He rated my children for me and guess who was number one!  I returned the favor and made his facebook status so sappy that several of his friends called to ask if he was ok!!

I believe a fun time was had by all!

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