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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

M is for Mama

I've been sick, maybe even the flu.

Last Monday night I met with my table for 4 after -The Snake- (will post on that soon) and I didn't feel great but I love those women.  Tuesday was my friend, Mandy's, birthday and she is moving soon so I couldn't miss my lunch with her.  After lunch on Tuesday, I came home, sat down and really didn't move til Monday.

I am thanking for my job and my retirement.  I am thankful for Carl and Kaitlin and their love for take-out.  I am thankful for having lots of library books here to read (will post on that soon).  I am thankful for all the tv coverage of the March Madness.  I am thankful for soft tissues to blow my nose with.  I am thankful for sweet friends who came to clean up my house, even braving the germs.  I am thankful for feeling good again!

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