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Saturday, March 31, 2012

What to due when you are due?

To celebrate Marisa's due date we went to the nail salon.  I got my first manicure and Marisa got a mani and a pedi.  I will post a picture of my nails soon but picture 'glow in the dark' orange and that's about it!

Marisa looks darling pregnant.  She is all baby.  I think Atticus has his feet on her backbone and is reaching his hands out over his head.

Picture walking into the nail salon with Marisa.   First comment, "You are going to have a baby?"  Really, really?!?  Thank you, captain obvious.  I cannot write what I really wanted to say, oh well.

Next came a question..." When are you due?"
Marisa, " Today"
all folks in Salon "Lots of SCREAMING"  then even more screaming, then "YOU ARE DUE TODAY?"
I couldn't decide between asking them to boil water- why do people always boil water when they deliver babies on tv?- or say "Yes, we are on our way to hospital, her contractions are 3 minutes apart, could you hurry up?" 
We both just smiled.


Jessica said...

I looked up what the boiled water was for when I was 'over due' I don't remember what it was for but I do remember it was 'gross.'
On my due date we went and I got a hair cut. We made it a fun day- ending in ice cream!

Bec said...

Puzzles. Lots of puzzles--that was the first time I went past the due date. With the subsequent pregnancies, it was easier to enjoy the last few days. Give M a hug--I know the waiting is hard....between 4 kids I've spent more than 5 "extra" weeks pregnant! Maybe God has ordained Atticus' bday to be on his grandmother's favorite day :)


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