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Saturday, March 10, 2012

M is for My Mama

I am reading My Reading Life by Pat Conroy.  I have just read the first two chapters and I am loving it.

Here is a quote from the first chapter... My mother hungered for art, illumination, for some path to lead her to a shining way to call her own. She lit signal fires in the hills for her son to feel and follow.  I tremble with gratitude as I honor her name.  

I feel his gratitude for my precious mama too.  She died 16 years ago today and I am still able to follow the fires that she lit for me.  What a legacy.  I am blest.

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Laurie g said...

I saw Pat Conroy in Oxford the day after the book came out. It was a highlight for me. He talked for about 30 minutes. I Love the book, toor


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