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Monday, March 12, 2012

My latest pictures

 I recently got some pictures back from Snapfish.  You may recognize the picture on top, it is the WWII Pacific War museum that I wrote about a few days ago.  As I was going through my pictures I was stunned with the last picture.  What a cute dog, I guess, but whose dog is he?  Not mine!  And I must confess, I don't really like dogs.  Sandy thinks it is a sign that I need a dog, I think it is a sign that someone is missing their picture of their dog.

This is not the first time Snapfish has done this to me.

 Here is our Christmas picture from this past year.

I was stunned when I reached into the box and pulled this picture out.  Cute kids.  Are they yours?  Maybe the above dog is their's?  I wonder if anyone gets some of our pictures????



Anonymous said...

I have never had that happen to me.

Where do you have Mizzou in your bracket? If you watch any of their games and they have interviews, watch for Kim English. He's the best interview in the Big 12.


Kim Tramel said...

This sounds like something Art Buchwald would have written! I loved his sense of humor.


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