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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crystal Bridges with the Funroes

 The Funroes took a trip to Crystal Bridges.  There were 9 in our party.  I got my pictures mixed up so we will start with my photos from Day 2!

We had a wonderful breakfast at Bob Evans.  Breakfast is my favorite meal.  It was wonderful.
 Robert and his shadow.
 The museum is in a neighborhood and the entrance is very unobtrusive so be sure you have the address.
Alice Walton, as did her mother, Helen, loves flowers.  The wildflower display was amazing.  We hope to go again in the fall and see what flowers or plants they have out then.  BettyH told us that the Walmarts in NW AR have the best garden centers in the state.
 Barb enjoying the flowers.

This is the most expensive piece in the museum-Kindred Spirits.  It is beautiful.  Please don't look at the back of my hair.  I need to remember to comb the back of my hair. The front looks good.  Did you look?

 The vastness of the rooms was amazing.
 This a metal statue.  It is not eating Robert!
 Here is a miniature of the museum and a self portrait of Kaitlin.
 The museum is free for the time being but they bring in other exhibits too.  We paid 5.00 a person to go to The Hudson River School exhibit.  It was OUTSTANDING. We couldn't take any pictures inside so we took one of the door.  It will be here til September 3 and I highly recommend that you go.
Here is the view on our way home.  It reminded me of the pictures we saw in The Hudson River School.
We ate lunch here.  This is in Alma.  Check it out on your way home.  We all enjoyed it.

Here is our party group!

This is the portrait of George that was used for the dollar bill.

Kaitlin and I got the audio tour on our second day.  It is a free download.  We learned many interesting things.  In this picture of George, he is looking down to show his preeminence and how large he was in the founding of our country.  The clouds beyond him are dark but there is some blue skies headed his way.  This shows the darkness of the Revolution but when it is over there will be bright skies for everyone.  There is more but I can't remember it.  
 The art is beautiful and the buildings are amazing.
These are the types of pictures you get when an artist has your camera.

The elevator

We ate supper in the restaurant-Eleven-.  Like everything else it was outstanding.  If you eat supper there, reservations are recommended.  We saw people turned away.

ceiling in the restaurant

Bruschetta - oh my goodness- be sure and get it.

Carl's mac and cheese was wonderful.
I highly recommend a visit to Crystal Bridges.  Go Soon!!

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