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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A poem, A blog and My Mama

 Eleventary  is blog that I enjoy.  The blogger gives lists of 11 things- anything from food to books to favorite cities.  In the above post he writes about poetry.  He listed poems and authors he believes are a good place to start.

I copied his list.  Some of his poems I knew but many I didn't. I went to find my poetry books.  I paid a friend of mine (Thanks, Hannah) to put all my books in order, what a luxury, so I knew just where to find them.

Aside- When my sweet mama died, my brothers let me have most of her books.  They bring me great comfort.  I love reading words that I know she read.

I found Louis Untermeyer's book.  I don't recall ever looking at this before but I knew it was my mama's.  I opened to find this cartoon.
 And several articles about poets and even a cross made from a Palm Sunday palm that she saved.  I went back to the blog and found many of the poems he mentioned in this book.  What a sweet time I had reading them.  I wonder if my mother read those same poems?  I am choosing to believe she did.

What a wonderful legacy my mama left me.  I plan to read from this book on Mother's Day and savory and enjoy the gifts that she gave me.  I thank God for the wonderful mama he gave me.  When I get sad that I didn't have her longer, I am thankful for all the fun we crammed into the 38 years I had her, some folks don't even have half the fun we did in twice the years.  I am blest.


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