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Monday, May 7, 2012

small group, Darlene and TED videos

This is a picture of the gifts before they were opened, as you can see from the picture we are a laid back group!
 A few weeks ago I attended a MOPS meeting with my friends, LauraL and Jill VE.  They had a game/activity/ ice breaker that I loved.  I wanted to do it with my small group at church.  It is a great way to get to know each other better and that is how we can pray for each other more effectively and help each other in life.

I shared this with my small group when DarleneJ, one of our missionaries, was visiting our church.  She was very curious about what gifts folks would bring.  She said that she would bring Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!  Darlene, maybe we can play this the next time you are in town!

We had a great time.  We missed all those who couldn't join us!!

Here is the activity-each person brings something that tell us a little more about them.  We set a limit of $5.00.  The examples I gave from the MOPS meeting were someone brought a package of double stuff oreos, favorite brownie mix, candle, scarf, bookmark, tea cup and the list went on.  Numbers were put on the gifts and then we each drew a number.  You got the gift with your number.  As each person opened their gifts, the giver explained why he or she gave it.

Here are the gifts that our group brought.  Very, very clever folks and it was cool to see how God picked out certain gifts for certain people.  We exchanged guys with guys and girls with girls.  Top left from Carl to Craig- black notebook with a 5.00 bill and the info about the TED video (info and the video below), from Carolyn to Sonya- beautiful necklace ( Carolyn loves to make jewelry, it perfectly matched Sonya's outfit and looked just like something she would wear), from Julie to Mary Jean- beautiful bag and the fake faux bird (Julie loves to have fake faux animals around her house, she also said that they-the animals- move around her house, this somewhat freaked me out thinking that they move around her house but she clarified that SHE moves them around her house, whew, then Julie told us that her best friend growing up's father told Julie and best friend when they were spending the night at best friend's house, that all her dolls wake up at midnight so go to sleep! YIKES! Wonder if I would have stayed there?!?), me to Cheryl- The May Joy Dare by Ann Voskamp and some of my favorite lotions samples, Chris to Bob- a wonderful spatula with a manly handle, Mary Jean to Julie- a piece of burlap and a picture of her family ( MJ says that at Hobby Lobby, where she works,  they sell yards and yards of the brown burlap- she knew how much per day and it was a lot), Craig to Chris a flash light that lights up three ways, Sonya to Carolyn- Greek Seasoning (she and her husband were beyond thrilled, their favorite meat is lamb and were excited to try it), Bob to Carl- a slice of his favorite cake from a bakery in Birmingham, Sonya brought it back for him recently, and Cheryl to me- her favorite gum and she can only find it one store now, Walmart doesn't carry it anymore.  I have never seen it and I love gum!

What a great time we had.  There were more stories with the gifts but I can't remember them all.

Here is the link that Carl gave Craig.  It will inspire you.
How to buy happiness

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