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Friday, October 26, 2012

Arkansas Civil War 150/ Gaze and Graze IV

We left our motel about 6:30 to head to breakfast.
I almost didn't go in because although there are windows there were no cars in the parking lot.  Andrew encouraged me to give it a try so we did.  I am so glad.  If you are in Fort Smith, I highly recommend Calico Country.

They give you sweet rolls and yum yum!!

Here is Andrew with his great breakfast!!

Our first stop for the day was Prairie Grove State Park.  This was our fifth stamping spot.  The weather was beautiful- chilly, brisk, clear, amazing! The museum was very informative.  Andrew and I bought the battlefield CD.  It was well worth it.  This battlefield is amazing because so much of it can be seen.

This house has been rebuilt on the spot that it originally stood.  The Union troops burned it to the ground the day after the battle.  The battle took place all around several houses.  The families that lived in these houses hide in the cellar of one house.  When they didn't hear any more shots being fired they came up and saw the destruction.  One house became a hospital. 
 This battle was the last major engagement in northwest Arkansas.  The southern army didn't use this area as an avenue of invasion into Missouri again.

The battle took place across this field.

Andrew took several pictures of us at this stop.  Here is one of them.

This is the first stamping place that we saw a sign for the passport program.

SuzanneP told me what these pods were but I have forgotten.

it was chilly enough for Andrew to put his jacket on!

the driving tour took us outside the park so that we could see all parts of the battle.

can you see us??  This monument was dedicated to all who fought here!

The visitor center is name for Major General Thomas Hindman.  He is buried in a confederate cemetery in Helena/ West Helena.  We saw his grave.  A very neat aspect of our trip was that we saw many of the same names as they made their way across our state.

As we left the park we got to enjoy the beauty of the fall.  We noticed that we saw no pine trees.  

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