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Monday, October 1, 2012

October is here and I am glad!!

I can't decide if April or October is my favorite month!

I am so excited about October Fool's Day!  My friend, Sandy, plans to come and spend the day with us and we are going to bake.  I have so many pumpkin recipes that I never get to use because I usually only get fired up to bake for Christmas.  But this year...  I hope to post pictures of lots of some yummy food.

My goals for October are to eat or drink something pumpkin everyday?!?- this should be interesting. Maybe I'll post pictures?!?  I also plan to wear something orange everyday. I am glad my football team has orange as a color!  I figure if I eat or drink pumpkin everyday, I'll be orange by the 31st!!!  I plan to really make an effort to memorize Romans 8.  I have made a few weak attempts in the past.  Hopefully you can call me on the 31 and I'll say it to you!  I also plan to pray for my pastors.  This is Pastor Appreciation Month.  Ask me how I know this?  That would be because my daughter works at Hallmark.

Happy October Fool's Day to you!  I hope it is a wonderful one!

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