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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Arkansas Civil War 150/ Gaze and Graze

Andrew brought his little tripod to use to take our picture at every spot we got a stamp or the battle field that was nearby.  Andrew sometimes set the camera far enough away to get us plus lots of the nearby scenery.  In doing that sometimes the camera was a fer piece from where he put me to stand.  As soon as he hit the button and I saw the light flashing signaling that the timer was engaged I had this innate urge to scream The Light is Flashing, The Light is Flashing! Andrew made it in every picture, he even got turned around in each one.  I felt sure we would get him in a fall or his back.
This picture cracks me up because Andrew is using for this picture my cane that I use when I need to give my back a rest.  Whatever it takes!?!

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