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Monday, December 3, 2012


I decided that this year I would make a list of what I like about this season.  I am trying to pinpoint what makes this season special for me.  As I was making my list, I realized that what makes this season special is lots of little things not just one day.  Here is my list:  listening to Christmas music in our house and in my van, getting our tree, decorating the tree-telling all the stories that the ornaments remind us of, decorating the house, seeing the outside lights lit up, getting up before anyone else and sitting in the den with just the tree lights on, baking, giving away lots of our baking, buying presents, giving presents, reading Christmas books, driving around looking at Christmas lights, the Advent Wreath at church, the Lessons and Carols church service, the Christmas Eve service- especially the part where we light candles and sing Silent Night, being together as a family, being with special friends, having Carl home more than usual, playing games, writing Christmas cards, and getting Christmas cards.  I am sure I have left a few off.

My friend, JillM, pointed out that I usually don't like anticipation.  I very seldom read a book from front to back because I like to know what is going to happen!  I told Jill that I love this anticipation because i know how this story ends!!

I've been listening to the group Glad on my Ipod at the gym.  One song on one of my play lists has a line about how the angels sang when Jesus was born and can you imagine how they will sound when He comes back.  I've been pondering that.

What's on your list?

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