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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Friends come in all shapes and sizes

I found an old friend today. One I haven't seen in about 36 years. This old friend is a Christmas garland that was tucked in a box of light reflectors. In the olden days, when I was a little girl, my daddy put reflectors on all the large lights on our tree.

I have kept the reflectors because they bring back fond Christmas memories. My friend, Sandy, made a beautiful arrangement for me using the lights and reflectors.

 Kaitlin added some to a small tree we have.

I mentioned the reflectors to my brother, John. He told me he would like some too. I sat down with the shoe box that was labeled reflectors, in my mama's handwriting, to pick some out for John. This is my 16th Christmas without my mama and 36th without my daddy. As I sat with that box on my lap it was like I was in a time machine. I was a little girl helping my daddy with the tree once again. I carefully organized the reflectors picking this one and that one for my brother. And that is when I found this garland. I don't think anyone had gone through the box since before my daddy died. What a precious find. I savored the moment then let Kaitlin put it on our tree. Priceless.

I hope you find a old friend today too!

The garland is the bright colored circles.
arrangement by Sandy of bulbs and reflectors
Reflectors as decorations

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