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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Do you have the gift of eating steak?

My friend, ElizabethT, and I have been on a one year steak adventure and boy, has it been fun!!

Elizabeth needs to eat steak because she has low iron.  I told her that I have the gift of eating steak and so began our adventure. My goal was for us to eat together once a month.  I picked the restaurants, invited folks to join us, and picked up Elizabeth each month- mostly.  One of my favorite parts was when Elizabeth got in my car and then tried to figure out where we were going!  It was truly a highlight of my year.

When I picked up Elizabeth in January she assumed that we were going to eat at Outback Steak House 12 times....little did she know.... I had made me a list, in addition to asking folks where they like to eat steak, so off we went.
January our group included Elizabeth, Marisa, her friend, Kate and me.  We ate at Bonefish.  I know you are thinking Bonefish- fish, but I am here to say that their filet was one of the best we had all year.  Highly recommend it.

February our group to the best of my memory was Elizabeth, Marisa, Kate, Kaitlin, Carl, me and maybe John.  We ate at Bravo.  I can highly recommend the filet.  It was wonderful.

March our group was Elizabeth, Kaitlin, her friend, JenniferF, Marisa, John, Carl and me.  We ate at the Butcher Shop.  I can't recommend it to you.  I was thinking steak place = yummy steak but not so much.

April we didn't find time to eat out even once!  We make up for it so don't be concerned!

May our group was Elizabeth, Carl and me.  We ate at Capers.  It was good and I would recommend it.  The best entertainment we had was a family with twins that sat next to us.  One of the twins wanted a bite of my steak.

June our group was Elizabeth, Kaitlin, Carl, Jill and me.  We took the above picture.  We ate at Does.  Everyone needs to eat at Does.  We loved it.  We let Carl order because it is a little confusing to us or rather me!  We were stuffed. It was wonderful!!

July our group was Elizabeth, Don, Betty, Jill, Carl and me.  We ate at Arthur's. One of the many laughs that night was when we were asked to pick our steak knives.  Pick out my own steak knife?!?  What in the world?!?  Carl asked for the sharpest one, Don asked for one with a good stout handle, me I asked for one to match my shirt and sure enough the server had one!!  Now to the food.  It was hands down, The. Best. Steak! Elizabeth and I had the bone-in filet.  My mouth is watering just writing about it.  Save your money and go eat at Arthur's.

August our group was Elizabeth, Don, Betty, Jill, Kaitlin and me.  We ate at Yiayia's.  It was good and I have been back and eaten the filet again.  Highly recommend it.

September our group was Elizabeth, Kaitlin, Bri, Carl and me.  We ate at Sonny Williams.  YUM.  I hope we an go again.  Elizabeth LOVED couldn't stand the thought of eating the turtle soup and  enjoyed the car with the spinners that parked across the street.  I tried, to no avail, to have Elizabeth get some spinners.  Carl said that the soup was really good!

October the group was Elizabeth and Kaitlin.  Something came up at the last minute and I couldn't join them.  They had a wonderful supper at Outback.

November our group was Elizabeth, Dan, Nancy, Jill, Kaitlin, Carl and me.  We ate at 1620.  It was very good.  Elizabeth and Nancy enjoyed the duck, turkey, chicken pot pie soup!  The whole meal was a laughing good time and the good food just added to it!

December.  The goal was 2 meals this month because we missed April and I wanted to share a meal with her 12 times.  Group for meal one was Elizabeth, Kaitlin, Carl and me.  We took a little jaunt down to Pine Bluff to the Colonial Steak House.  We remembered eating there when we lived there.  The owners had a son that played baseball with Andrew in White Hall.  The steaks were some of the best we had during the year.  Elizabeth also enjoyed the beets that were on the salad bar.  We also went to the Enchanted Land of Lights & Legends at the Regional Park.  AMAZING.  We plan to go every year!
 Meal two! Group was Elizabeth, Carl and me.  I told Elizabeth that I wanted to go on our steak adventure last year on her birthday so it is fitting that our last meal for 2012 was on her birthday.  We went to Vesuvio's.  Elizabeth didn't even know that that restaurant was even there.  If you don't know about Vesuvio's, you need to make a reservation and go, soon!  I can't tell you about the steak at Vesuvio's, I'll have to go back to try it and I plan for us to go back!!  Carl and I got two of the  pasta specials for that night and Elizabeth got Spaghetti Chittara.  It is spaghetti that is made in a huge wheel of parmesan cheese and it is wonderful.

Elizabeth has asked if the steak adventure can continue on in 2013 and could I keep picking out the restaurants.  Indeed I can!!!

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