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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kaitlin Peru Part One!

Good Morning!
Here is a guest blog by my wonderful daughter Kaitlin! She went on a mission trip to Peru with our church!

I want to start by saying Thank you to all the people that prayed for us while we were gone on our trip! 
We left Little Rock, AR on Friday Aug. 2nd! We flew from here to Houston, TX and then from Houston to Lima, Peru! The flight to Lima was 6 hours and we had a nice plane where each person had their own tv.

I watched a few movies on the way down and back, it made the flight go by a little faster! 

We arrived in Lima, Peru around 1030pm. We had to go through customs and then baggage claim then we met our wonderful, amazing, spanish speaking, tour guide name Alleen! We stayed at a nice hotel in Lima! 

After a great nights sleep we all met up in the lobby to head to breakfast! We walked down to the ocean and ate at a buffet that over looks the Pacific ocean!! 

Fresh fruit, banana bread, eggs, cheese, and the best thing pourable yougart! Sooooo wonderful!!  After we were full on yummy food we walked through the city to the Indian Market to do some shopping!! 

This is the store where we bought my mother a cute little Nativity! We enjoyed shopping and looking at everything in the huge market! We walked back to the hotel and got on a bus to head to the air port to fly to Trujillo, Peru! We got to Trujillo and went to the hotel!

We got settled in at the hotel, I roomed with Olivia! We had a great time! We got in the taxi's and headed to dinner with one of the Missionary family that is with the Peru Mission! We ate with the Ellison family! They cooked us an amazing dinner and it was fun to eat in a home!

We got back in the taxi's to head to the hotel! Let me stop right here and tell you about our taxi rides. First, the driving in Peru is very different then driving in West Little Rock, AR. Second, We were normally in about 4 taxi's, and third rule was the girls got the party car! On our way to dinner on saturday night we were just riding along, talking, and listening to the radio, but not really hearing it. Then it hit us!! We were listening to Taylor Swift! We started to sing and dance and our driver loved it!! So that is why our car was dubbed the party car! After dinner he played us more english music and we had a great time dancing in the car! 

 We all slept really well and were looking forward to going to church the next day with the Smith Family! We woke up Sunday morning and ate breakfast at the hotel!

We went to Cristo Rey Presbyterian Church on Sunday Morning! The building was very close to the hotel so we just walked down the street to church! The whole service was in Spanish! I enjoyed being thrown into the culture! Even though I could not understand everything that was said, it was very worshipful and exciting to see God there in another country! Allen preached about Speaking the truth in love. Which was a very good message to hear before a week of being with people and having to talk to them! This message is still with me this week while I work and encounter people here in Little Rock! After church we took a group picture of our group with the Smith family!

Then it was back to the hotel to change clothes and then head to lunch at the Smith's House! This is where we met up with the rest of the Peru Mission team and just fellowship with the team! We had a huge lunch and wonderful dessert! After we ate we sat around in the living room and sang all together! 

For Dinner we ate at a restaurant! They had some really yummy chicken! Thankfully Alleen ordered our meals for us! We had rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, french fries, frozen lemonade and cow heart. I did not try the cow heart, but Darrell and Olivia enjoyed it! 

More of my trip coming tomorrow!! 

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