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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kaitlin Peru Part Two!

Here is another post about what the team did each morning at the clinic!

Each morning, we would eat breakfast at the hotel!

Everyone enjoyed the breakfast! Every morning there was fresh fruit, eggs, toast and then a local Peruvian dish that changed every morning! There was some dry cereals, a fruit loop type one and then a cornflakes kinda one. They were a perfect match to the pourable yogurt! Strawberry was my personal favorite. 

We had to be all ready to go by 8am to leave to head to the clinic. Monday morning we had to take all the medicine and then the days after that we just left them at the clinic. 

Next stop taxi's to the clinic! 

We drove about 30 mins to Arevalo Church! The clinic we were working at was right next to this church. They are also building a school on the same grounds.  

Each day we would go in and set up the different rooms for the Doctor's and pharmacy. After we got the rooms all set up we would do a devotion with our group and the people waiting for the clinic. On Thursday, Allen Smith talked about glimpses of heaven! He gave the an example of watching a movie trailer, the scenes you see are in the movie, but they are just glimpses of the movie. That is how we see Heaven here on earth! We see glimpses of Heaven, through interactions, people, nature but they are only glimpses of true Heaven!! 

The patients would come in a get a number and fill out a sheet of paper with their name, age, and address. Then they would wait in line for triage. The triage nurses were Kirk and Barbara.

After they would go through the triage next step was waiting for a Doctor. At this point they have had interaction with Cindy, Carl (my pops), Olivia and Ryan who would make sure they knew what was going and also making sure they were in the right line.  

Dr. Darrell's room and Allen Smith translating! 

Dr. Ken in his room with his interpreter Elizabeth Johnson who is an RN and speaks Spanish!

Dr. Clare had Del Ellison as an interpreter this day! 

I know your wondering what I did during this time!! Wellll I played with the kiddos!! Before we left Little Rock, Olivia and I copied over 1,000 coloring sheets! We also packed up about 500 crayons and made about 500 paper flower kits! It was fun to see the kids color and pick which colors they needed for the picture they got! I tried to tell the kids that they could keep the picture, but a lot of them brought them to me and did not want to take them back! 

The paper flowers were the biggest hit! When I was working on them in Little Rock, my thought was the girls will love this! But the Holy Spirit told me to not make everyone have pink or purple in it! Make some with "boy" colors just in case! So I did. Really did not know why but I knew I needed to! And I'm so very glad I did! The boys enjoyed the flowers just as much as the girls! If they had the choice they would always choose the ones that did not have pink or purple in them! 

It was so fun to teach the kids to make something new and to see their eyes light up when they saw that what we were making turned into a flower! I also made them for the older ladies in the waiting room who were by themselves! Some of the kids wanted to make them themselves and others wanted me to make them! I think we made at least 300 flowers over the four days we were there! We left the rest for the people at the church!

Then it was off to lunch! Which will be my next blog allllll about the food! You will need a snack when you read that blog! 

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