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Friday, September 18, 2015

3/63 More on the train. Mr Wonderful and a great view!

A few more from the train.....  Our group just before we board our train.
I gave Kaitlin my phone to grab a few shots as we made it to our car.
She cracks me up when I get my phone back and I've got pics like this!  So glad she does this!
We rode right beside Puget Sound
Mr Wonderful did very well on the train.  We all packed treats for him.  Here he is sitting next to Fairest.  She had stickers and a notebook for him to use.
Below is one of my favorite photos of Mr W ever.  He was singing and talking and I asked him what he was singing and I had my camera ready and caught his cute little personality when he looked around at me.  Look at that little hand and then his face and expression.  Forgive me, I am a shameless Bubbles.
When we got to Vancouver we passed lots of snow!!!!!  Our cab driver told us they were filming a Lexus commercial.  Later Carl saw a lady in a red Lexus driving in the snow with lots of cameras filming.  I'm thinking that maybe we will see it this Christmas.
Here was the view from our motel.  I am a lover of looking out the window wherever I am.  This is a beautiful place for my looking.  We ate supper in that building by the water with the grass on the roof.          We were all ready for bed because we were so excited.  Well, most of us were excited, some of us don't feel the magic....yet...but it is coming

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