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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Family Great Adventure 2015 1 of 63

Just kidding about 1/63.  I am not sure how many installments but it won't be 63.

I'm not sure when the idea for this vacation was born. My sister in law, Elaine, pictured below with Kaitlin knows all things Disney. A few years ago she said that she wanted to go on a Disney Cruise. I never really thought more about it until last year.  Elaine and I were talking in April of 2014 and we decided to make it happen!  We decided on Alaska and started looking at our options.  Before the end of April we had a travel agent, had booked our rooms, had downloaded the Disney app with the countdown map, had changed our week for our vacation to the following week and the excitement was building!!

We met up in April to plan our excursions.

 Suitcases were bought, passports were received and  Disney clothes were packed.   And then.....

We three left from our house at 3 on August 28th!
We met up with these four at the airport.  We were headed to Seattle via Dallas.

Andrew and Taylor couldn't join is on our trip but Andrew snapped this picture of Uncle John and Aunt Elaine before they boarded their flight to Seattle.

Fairest told Miss Adorable to hold on and she was very serious about this ride on the tram in Dallas

I forgot to ask Uncle Charles/Aunt Frances and my cousin Gary and his wife Lisa to snap a shot of them as they flew but we would meet them all on the ship in Vancouver!  Our party of 3 went to 7 then 9 then 13.  But first we did Seattle!!!!

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