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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Family Great Adventure! 2/63 Space Needle, Trains, and suitcases

On Saturday morning we walked to the Space Needle.  It was a little cloudy but the weather was nice a cool.  We didn't think much of the wind until...
we were on the top of the Space Needle.  The whole thing was swaying.  We learned later that they had high winds that day and lots of folks were without power.  UJ was outside for a few minutes and then enjoyed tolerated the view from the inside.

 Below Mr W is taking a picture with Fairest camera as we are getting a picture made.

 We ate lunch at the restaurant in the museum and someone really enjoyed the blueberries.

We rested a few hours and then we were off to Pike Place Market.  W and A love Peppa and her family and they brought hours of enjoyment.  Marisa brought out this hat for W but Miss A decided that she needed to wear it around the motel room.

Miss A will eat anything especially if it is not on her plate.  She calls Gpapa 'G'.  She loves eating whatever he eats.  At Lowell's in Pike Place Market she shared ate all his   Clam Chowder.  The girl has a hollow leg!!!!

 Sunday morning at 6AM we went to the beautiful train station in Seattle for our trip to Vancouver.  Penny ate her power breakfast of hot dogs and oatmeal!  She rode for many miles on my arm rest as we looked out the window.  I was in heaven.

John and Marisa have had a hard year- moving, children, new job, life, etc.  It was great to see them have so much fun.

Carl and Kaitlin went to Goodwill in Seattle and got John and Marisa some new suitcases.  The one we loaned them slowly fell apart as it made its way across country.  It lost a wheel at the airport in LR and by the time it made it to Seattle, it had no wheels!!!  It was also as big as a house so three smaller ones worked better.   Aunt Elaine let us have some ribbon to set our black suitcases apart form all the others. I'm on the hunt for colorful suitcases.

Next up, snow in Vancouver...

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