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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

56, 57 and Indoor Camping

We live in a home that has things that go wrong and need to be fixed often  older home.  On Monday of this week at 4 very AM our power went out.  It is January and I know cold is all relative but soon that house grew cold.  My very smart husband checked out a few things and found out that our main breaker needed to be flipped back.  That worked for 2 hours and then we were plunged into darkness and coldness again.  He flipped it again but even I know that can't keep happening.

Carl found us an electrician and he came out yesterday.  The bad news is that the breaker is bad and needs to be replaced, the rest of the bad news is that they don't make that breaker anymore so they have to order one.  He recommended that we turn off our upstairs heat to give the breaker some relief in the chilly mornings when heat comes on in the whole house.

Last night was the first night in Operation Keep the Power on.  Now, I do sleep better when it is chilly but really chilly is well, really chilly.  I slept with a hooded jacket it and I looked like I belonged to the sand people from Star Wars and I thanked God all night for whoever invented the electric blanket.  I may have arthritis but I still have quickness when it comes to 'powdering my nose' in the middle of the night when it is so cold.  I don't even think the covers had time to touch the bed before I was back in them.  I do plan to buy a new/bigger rug for our bathroom because the bathroom floor was really cold but then again maybe that was what made me so fast?!?!

When I woke up this morning it was 56 degrees upstairs.  After I got dressed, in the blink of an eye, I decided to put my nightie and my hoodie under my covers so that tonight I'll warm them up with the electric blanket and then put them on.  That sounds like a great idea in theory but I am also 57 years old and I am afraid that between now and tonight I am going to forget when my night clothes are!!!!! I am setting all kinds of reminders and if you want to text and remind me that might be good too.

Where is Joanna Gaines when you need her?  I'm ready for a her to fix up my place!

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