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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Dining room, epantry, Mrs Meyers

My new Dining room. A few folks have asked what the 'new' dining room looks like.  Here it is on a picked up day.  

So I heard about a new to me site called  I was encouraged to try them out because they were having a sale on Mrs Meyers products.  I jumped on the site and got me a nice order ready and added stuff to my cart and then checked out- but the page never showed that I had checked out.  I was confused and disappointed.  What do the confused and disappointed do.... They jump on and add stuff to they 'pantry box'.  Amazon has this HUGE box that ships for 5.99 no matter what you put in it.  They have a list of what food or household products you can add to said box.  I love this because with my limitations this lets me shop from home for many things.  I got lots of Mrs Meyers things-lots of cool scents.  And then. A few days later I realized that my epantry order went through. So I have LOTS of Mrs Meyers stuff!!!!   This is half my stuff. 😳   I have given Marisa several items.  I plan to give a set of scents as my door prize for our upcoming Women's Retreat.  Sandy is thrilled and is enjoying using lots of different scents.
Kaitlin's favorite smell.   Do you enjoy using this product?  If so, what is your favorite scent?
Soon I'll have built in bookcases where this white bookcase is now. I'm beyond excited!  

This table is usually in the dining room but it is a train table for the present time.

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