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Friday, January 29, 2016

An extra day! Make your list

A month from today is February 29. That means we have an extra day this year. I challenge you to be purposeful on that extra day. Go the extra mile for someone or lots of someones. We have been so blessed. Make that day count. Be a blessing!!!

How ? You ask. 

Cook a meal for someone or add an extra bean to your pot and share your supper. 

Take your pastor's wife to lunch or set a date to do that.
Have a group over to your house for lunch or supper or just coffee. I was at Sue's house recently and noticed how she added lemon to her water pitcher. Genius!!! I now do this!!!
You could use that day to plan your Easter celebration. Ours always involves dyeing eggs and our folks get really excited!!!
You could make a point to spend extra time with those you love doing what they love to do.
You could read to someone.

Other things you can do- drive through Chickfila or Starbucks and pay for the car behind you, go to the library to pay your fine and donate your change to the library- I've done this once and I felt like a rock star, they were so excited and it was $ .50, leave early enough so that you can let every car out into your lane- ok maybe not every car????, Get the idea?

Or if you are my friend Paige, you can celebrate your daughter's birthday.  She was born 4 years ago on the 29th so is she celebrating her 1st birthday or her 4th????

How about you??  What do you plan to do?

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Marian Macha Brown said...

Ellen, You ARE our Cheerleader! Complete with uniform, pompoms, and the energy to move mountains! Salt and Light! Such encouragement.Thank you. <3


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