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Monday, January 18, 2016

Cozy Rooms, Goals and helpful children

I've rearranged, well, I should say, Kaitlin and Marisa rearranged the furniture in our dining room and living room.  Now I have a cozy room and a large dining room and I love these changes!

Have you made changes in the New Year?  Resolutions? Goals?
I'm a goal maker.

Here are my goals for 2016 in no order-
Write 91 letters- in honor of my mama.  She would be 91 this year if she were living and she loved writing letters and reading
Read 91 books- I'd love to read 50 that I already own and read 51 from library but alas this is something to strive for in the future as I have already seen things that jumped in my amazon cart and have made there way to my house since Jan 1.  I plan to use Tim Challies Reading Challenge.
Work for 3 hours a week on my counted cross stitch- I have three projects started
Listen to 12 TED talks- do you have a favorite one?
Learn to read a crochet pattern- I'm taking a class on craftsy
Read a commentary on Job- that book puzzles me
Go through every book we own and decide if we need to keep it or donate it- I have one bookcase that has crashed to the floor and I need to go through especially those books.  On a happier note I plan to have some built-in bookcases in the next few months
Pray through my Christmas card list
Pray through our church directory
Give gifts with ribbons and no strings- I have lately been convicted that I don't do this!
Make 24 meals for others
Keep on top of my verses that I have memorized and add more

What are your goals/resolutions?
I'll post the Dining room soon!

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