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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Beach Trip 2016 Part Four- Lulu's and Lambert 's

We had a great time on Tuesday. Ted, Tina, Tanner, Tatum, Tessa, Bob, Alec and Sonia came and spent the day with us. We did the beach, the lazy river, more of the beach, lunch at Lulu's and supper at our condo but most of all we laughed!!!

 One such laugh was a lady, who, using two huge inner tubes, blocked up the lazy river as she floated by in oblivion. It was pretty impressive. I was sitting on the side of the pool at the time and was watching. Alicia saw it too. She was ready to get in and turned to me and winked saying that she should do a cannon ball just past Miss Oblivious!! Me, being the terrible roll model said DO IT!!!!! Alicia just eased herself in the water.  Soon the log jam was broken by someone else and the lazy river was flowing freely soon.

Here is Tatum with Pandi.

Waiting for our lunch that day at Lulu's in Gulf Shores. Always good.

On Wednesday we headed to Foley to stimulate the economy a little.  Sweet Gpapa and William watched the little girls so we three could shop til we dropped!
Before we went shopping there was some hair fixing that happened.
We had some laughing and loving as we waited for our number to be called at Lambert's.  We even ran into The T Monroes there.  It was great to hug them again.
As I was taking this picture Pandi grabbed a frog leg off of Alicia's plate and almost got a bite!!!
That evening Fairest took 6 month pictures of Pandi.  Isn't that a doll?!?
Kaitlin got some amazing pictures!  Don't you love how the bow matches the blanket?  Pandi is a great model!
After Kaitlin was finished with her pictures, Adeline Rose got her own camera and put her baby in the same place that Kaitlin had Pandi in!  We thought that was so cute!
Later on Wednesday night Mr Precious and his parents joined us!!!!   What fun!

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