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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beach Trip 2016 Part Five! Sailboat and Sunsets!

We had a great visit with Andrew and Taylor and Mr Precious.  Andrew made French Toast one day for us. Stuffed French Toast- it was all outstanding.  I liked the Nutella/bacon the best.
Sweet Adeline Rose loves to be read to.  I had that joy often.
It is always wonderful to have Fairest around.  Sweet Pandi needed a nice place for her morning nap and Fairest was happy to oblige!!
Mr Precious was up early as was Gpapa.  They are watching all the trucks go by the condo.
Carl and William went fishing with Alec and Sonia one morning.  Carl caught this beauty but had to throw it back because it was out of season.
William had to throw his great catch back also.  They had a great time and hope to do this again.
We had supper at the Brown House.  Carl and Alec grilled on a salt block.  Yum Yum.  We all enjoyed it.  We had lots of fresh veggies from Bob's garden.  Outstanding!
Sweet ARose.  She needed her baba for comfort and her mama's hand to hold.  Going to the beach is hard work for a 2 year old!
Mr Precious loved the beach.  When he sat on the sand for the first time and a wave came up to him and got him wet, he smiled and said "Again!"
Fairest read lots to Mr P.
We went on our second sunset cruise with Alec and Sonia.  It was beautiful.  We went all around Ono Island.  We saw dolphins, lots of fun houses, and some beautiful boats.  As the sun was going down I handed my phone to Sonia to get a shot of the sailboat.  She got this great shot.  I am still so impressed.  I even got cards made with this on the front.  I may even write you a note soon on one!

We had a great week at the beach thanks in great part to Alec and Sonia.  I told Carl that I am ready to stay two weeks next year!

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