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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Beach Trip 2016 Part Two- Full Moon

We began everyday down at the beach!

 When we went to the beach when our children were young Mrs Monroe's way of preventing sunburn was to entice us in to the beach house from the beach with a big breakfast/ brunch about 1030/1100AM. My children would wake up early and look out at the beach to see if they were related to someone on the beach, if so, they could gently wake me up and let me know they were headed out.  Carl and I soon joined them.   When the children were young after they ate they often were ready for a nap.  We were encouraged to stay in until about 4 pm.  My family never had a sunburn!  I seriously thought everyone did this and was stunned when I was told other wise!

We have adopted this plan.  So far so good. Carl, Kaitlin and I were at the beach with William and Alicia and their daughters, ARose and Pandi.  William is our nephew and his daughter ARose is the same age as Miss Adorable so we do lots of things together and our families vacation well together.  Andrew, Taylor and James surprised with a visit later in the week.

There were several other Monroe families at the beach with us too.  Carl's has a brother who lives in Orange Beach- Alec and Sonia, Carl's sister and her family- Marian, Sherrell, Meredith and Alan were in a different condo. Nephew Charlie and his family stayed with Aunt Marian too.  Ted and his family were staying with Alec and Sonia.  We met up everyday at Alec's house.  They also came to visit us.  We all weren't able to spent the whole week together but had several days with us all there.

ARose and Pandi were up early so we made a banana/peanut butter/honey/oat/milk smoothie, jumped into our swim suits and headed to the beach.  We usually were the first one on our beach and greeted the man setting up the cushions and umbrellas.  I never got his name but he sure had lots of hustle!  He made sure I had complete shade as long as we were out there.

After the beach we went to the lazy river that our condo had.  I told Carl I needed one of those!  Pictures tomorrow on that!
Often Pandi baby would fall asleep and I got to hold her.  One of my favorite jobs!

In the afternoon we went to The Brown House- what Mr Wonderful calls Uncle Alec's house- and ate and visited and laughed.  Here is the shrimp boil with corn, potatoes, onion, sausage, and carrots.
Sonia, Grandma and Alec on the back porch.
Aunt Marian and Kaitlin
Sarah and Kaitlin
Carl and Gma
Charlie with a fun group in the hot tub!
We saw a beautiful full moon.  Great ending to a great day!

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