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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beach trip 2016 Part Three First visit to FloraBama

Monday was another beautiful day at the beach!
Here is the lazy river.  It was fantastic!!!!
We had the pool to ourselves in the morning but in the afternoon other folks felt the need to join us.

William and Alicia brought a baby bath tub down to the beach each morning.  Pandi slept in it, rested in it, and they filled it up one day and she splashed around in it.
We had a great porch with these wonderful sofas on them.  Carl and William enjoyed a nap one day out there.

One day on the beach these two crazy girls gave me a beach massage.  They used the sand to exfoliate my feet and legs and hands.  They had all the spa talk down and kept me laughing.  I had to slow Alicia down because she was about to take off all the skin on my leg but it was sure smooth when she was finished.
One of my goals was to eat at the FloraBama yacht club twice.  I love their smoked tuna dip and their fried shrimp- the breading is light and the hush puppies are wonderful!  We sat outside and had our usual laughing good time.  After supper Tanner and Kaitlin and Tatum were goofing around.
Here is our crew minus Tina who got this great shot!

After supper we went on the first of our two sunset cruises.  We went around the Island and then out into the Gulf.  It was just beautiful.  Tina got this shot of us on Alec's boat as their were riding on their boat.

I got a shot of all the T's on their boat.

The last picture is our our whole group from Monday.  Almost everyday our group changed and so did our adventures.  I could get used to the Salt Life but I would want to do it with these people!

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