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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Does this look Igneous to you?

I know you are thinking....What in the world? And I would have to let you know that you are looking at my rock collection.
I have always collected rocks.

One story that my mama loved to tell was the time when she came into my room when I was a little girl. She needed to move my doll stroller but it was so heavy. She moved my sleeping doll baby and her blankets and found lots of rocks. When she asked me what they were I informed her that I had a rock collection.

The briefcase below, that now holds my rock collection, first belonged to my daddy and then to my brother, Charles. I think I have been using this briefcase for over 40 years. Can you tell??

Kaitlin is taking Geology this semester. She and I have been looking for my rock collection. We found it this morning in the garage. John had to use a few Cirque du Soleil moves to get it off a top shelf.

Here is my petrified wood.
volcanic ash from Mt St Helens
This is my favorite rock in the whole world. A piece of pink granite in the shape of the US without Florida. I found this when I was about 10.

This is Mica. It comes off in sheets.Kaitlin shared lots of her new knowledge with me.

Kaitlin also shared with me her thoughts on her homeschool journey. She said that she remembered looking at my rock collection when we studied earth science. She said that she thought it was cool that she had enough knowledge in lots of different subjects to make her want to learn more but not so much to make her bored in class. Wow! How neat was that to hear!?!

So I say to you...Rock On


Kathy B said...

I think your pink rock also looks very much like the outline of Ohio! :)

cpuckett said...

I wondered what happened to my brief case!!!


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