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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poverty or simplicity?

Andrew called my attention to this article by Andrew Peterson in response to a discussion we have had about levels of living.

Around this time I read an excellent book by Richard Foster called
The Freedom of Simplicity, and I had my answer. What I envied about the Bolivians wasn’t poverty. It was simplicity. They didn’t choose it. It’s a necessary result of living in poverty, the silver lining on a dark cloud. That’s why people come back from Africa with that infectious gladness–not, of course, because of the terrible smell or the sickness or the injustice–it’s the simplicity. It’s a life uncluttered by television and power bills and traffic jams–a life enriched by the intense joy of interacting with other souls at a profoundly deep level, which is what we were meant for. What we miss when we come back from mission trips and church camps and spiritual retreats is life at its simplest.

Here is the rest of the article

I are striving for simplicity.

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