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Friday, September 17, 2010

What does Kaitlin do?

I wanted to see the photo lab where Kaitlin prints her pictures. Carl and I spent the afternoon with her a few weeks ago. Here is the lab.

Here is the board that is 18% middle gray that photos are shown on so you see just what the camera sees.
Notice that Kaitlin has on long sleeves.

Gotta have some football on

Addicting Games is a wonderful web site that Kaitlin loves.
Notice that Carl has his jacket on by now. With all the computers in the room the air needs to be on all the time. So it is COLD in the room.I am thankful to be able to see what my children do and be in 'their world' for awhile.

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Ashley said...

I heart addicting games... With all those computers, just imagine all the games that could be played at once!


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