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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you wad or fold?

My mother was the best. She could fold a fitted sheet so that you couldn't tell in her linen closet which were her flat sheets from her fitted without unfolding just a bit.

Marisa's sister Kaelyn also has the sheet folding gift. She has just moved out so my linen closet looks good now but after a few more loads of sheets it will be back to the wads of sheets unless I master this How to fold a fitted sheet

I think my New Year's resolutions list just got longer.

I must go now and fold a few sheets.


Transforming Julie said...

I am a folder. She folds the same way that I do except I fold right sides together. I do this because, in my mind, my sheets are stay ultra clean.

Anonymous said...

I wad. I have no idea how to fold it so it looks like the others. It's actually quite frustrating so I stay clear of them. :)

fgpuckett said...

I am a one-set-of-sheets kind of gal. I use them until they wear out and then get another. Never have to fold or wad.

However, I like the concept of folding. Much in the same way I like the concept of cooking!


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