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Monday, January 10, 2011

Duck Duck Lose

This is how we are feeling today at my house! Kind of jumpy and full of AUBURN spirit.

We got lots of snow
And Aubie is out in it but still showing his AUBURN spirit.I told Kaitlin and Jennifer that they can have the remote control til about 4pm then I plan to watch all the coverage of THE game. I heard that 50,000 folks were at the AUBURN pep rally yesterday in Glendale. How about that?!? Andrew said that I will know by 9 pm if AUBURN is going to win or not. I may get some cleaning done this evening if I get nervous.

I hope I don't get lots of cleaning done.

War Eagle!

1 comment:

Bec said...

Oh Ellen, I love your Auburn spirit. Check out our blog for a glimpse of what Nathan's desk looked like the morning after.....


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