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Friday, January 14, 2011

Duck Soup

When we knew that AUBURN was going to play in the National Championship game I encouraged Carl to go. We discussed getting Robert a ticket too. The game was to be played on his birthday. Carl looked for tickets and got two. We gave Robert his ticket a few days before Christmas so he could savor and anticipate. Carl and Robert left here on Saturday, the 8th, early with a direct flight to Phoenix. They planned to pick Andrew up that night. When Andrew got to Dallas there were too many on his flight to Phoenix so he volunteered to fly out on Sunday. Carl and Robert picked him up and then went to church with our friends, Vicki and Kelley.

Here is Robert getting ready for his first flight ever. He said that he laughed with each landing and take-off. He said that it felt like a ride at an amusement park.
Beautiful sky in AZ. On Saturday Carl and Robert shopped and visited.
Andrew had a list of restaurants to eat at in the Phoenix area. This is Andrew's hot dog at Alice Cooperstown.
Here are my guys the morning of THE GAME.

Here are our friends, Vicki and Kelley. They opened up their home for my guys.
Balloons at the Pep Rally
My pictures are out of order, I just got too excited. Number 5 is Michael Dyer. He played in Little Rock last year. John went to most of his game in AUBURN clothes to encourage him to go to AUBURN. How cool that he was the MVP of the game!
Alan was working the game and stopped long enough for Uncle Carl to snap a picture of him with Robert.
Those socks look like reflectors.
The score!!!! I am doing the happy dance at the house when this picture is being taken. I was worn out. I felt like I was in on every play.
Three very happy fellows with about 50,000 of their closest AUBURN friends, maybe even more.
Several happy players
Here is Andrew watching SportsCenter after the game. He still is soaking in the win. He called me at midnight on their way back to the car from the game. He was so excited.Andrew sat by himself while Robert and Carl sat together. Andrew sat next to a father and son on one side and an Asian lady and her husband on the other. Andrew said that the Asian lady knew more about AUBURN football that he did. She knew Michael Dyer was from Little Rock and the names of some players that plan to be at AUBURN in the fall. Andrew was impressed.

I've watched the game again....twice on ESPNU.

There are no pictures of us watching because I was pacing too much. Our friend, Jennifer, was snowed in with us and watching the game too. She is not a college football fan but she joined in the cheering for AUBURN on Monday night.

Carl recorded it and we are watching that copy tonight. I like watching it much better now that I now the outcome.
We are all planning to order National Champion shirts. I plan to get one for Jennifer, she earned it with all her cheering on Monday.

War Eagle. I don't know how many days til college football starts again because I am savoring this season. It was a great one!

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Jennifer Diane said...

.. and i will make sure to wear my Tshirt every game day!!! WAR EAGLE!!


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