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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthdays and Anniversaries

June 1st- hard to believe.

May - The big birthday month in our immediate family- Taylor- 13th, Andrew-17th, Marisa-17th, and Kaitlin 22nd.

May- The Kentucky Derby and The Indy 500. Growing up, my dad made us watch The Kentucky Derby and made us stand while they played My Old Kentucky Home- a tradition I have followed with my children. My mama didn't follow any racing but she loved the Indy 500. The year I was born A J Foyt was a rookie- she told me that often, maybe that info will come in handy if I am ever on Jeopardy! There was an exciting finish this year.

May- Many years ago I had to put a 'one hot dog a month' limit on Kaitlin. She ate more hot dogs in this past month of May...well, I guess I can't say than ever before, but let's just say, she ate a lot!!!!

June- We are five months into this year. I have some summer resolutions. I have never done this before so we shall see. 1- Be more faithful to Physical Therapy, 2- finish 3 scrapbooks, 3- Pray faithfully for summer Bible Study and VBS, 4- Send several cards to family and friends, 5- have 3 families over to visit, 6- clean off my desk- this may take the rest of the year. Summer generally flies by so I am hoping if I set out some goals that I will be able to redeem the time.

June- Another family wedding this month- always a good time

June- the month with the most family wedding anniversaries for a total of 107 years of marriage, Alex and Esther, Ted and Tina, Raymond and Renee, John and Elaine, Carl and Ellen and soon to be Robert and Kery.

June- The National Spelling Bee is on today on and tomorrow at 9:00 AM on ESPN and then tomorrow night at 7:30 on ESPN

June- I love college baseball. The College World Series is June 18-28/29. Love to hear that ping from the bat.

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