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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lucille Ball, tennis shoes and anniversaries

On of my favorite movies is Yours, Mine and Ours with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. I love it for many reasons. One is that I saw it in the movie theater with my mama when I was a little girl. It was just me and my mama! What a fun memory!

Another reason is the story itself- He has 10 children and she has 8. Both their spouses die and they are left to raise their children alone. They have a baby together and they strive to make their family work.

My favorite scene is near the end when Henry Fonda is taking Lucille Ball to the hospital to have their baby. As this is happening one of the older daughters is being pressured to sleep with her boyfriend and she really doesn't want to but he keeps saying that if she loves him she will. All this is brought to the attention of Henry and Lucille as they are leaving for the hospital. Henry Fonda tells the girl to look at her mother, see what she looks like right now. "This is love," he says "Love is not getting in bed with a man but getting up everyday with him and doing all the mundane things of everyday life" I just love that!

I thought about this recently when I was on a business trip with Carl. Because of my back, I go to physical therapy about three times a week when I am home. One thing my pt recommended that I limit doing myself is putting on my tennis shoes or any non slip-on shoe. Before Carl's meetings each morning, dressed in his suit, ever so gently, he put my tennis shoes on me. Here he was ready to go and fight the lions and tigers and bears for me but first he took the time to do what he could for me to keep me from pain. What love!

Go rent the movie if you haven't seen it, you will enjoy it too. And do some mundane things today for those you love, they will know it.

32 years ago today Carl and I got married. It seems like yesterday. God sure blessed me with a great guy.

4 comments: said...

Happy anniversary. I have been under the weather and yesterday Doc was paged at 3:30 am and made his way to hospital But unloaded the dishwasher first! It really touched me. Then after he spent All day at work and I spent the day on the couch, he brought dinner home.
Great post and we all love that movie
Laurie g

Andrew said...

"Love is not a feeling in your chest, it is bending down to wash anothers feet, it is faithful when the sun is in the west, and in the east..." ~Andrew Peterson

Love you mama and papa!

Transforming Julie said...

Happy Anniversary Bubbles and Money!

Sarah Barry said...

Love Yours, Mine, and Ours! Such a great movie!

Happy 32 years!


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