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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Things I am thankful for

1- Coins to roll

2- beautiful gifts from Marisa. She made in her ceramics class, mine is the tea pot and Kaitlin's is the purple button holder.
3-Table Decorations that Super Sandy fixed and I love them
4-AUBURN football and Uncle Ted. We got this picture from a friend of Uncle Ted's. We gave it to Andrew for his birthday. Andrew said that he had been looking to buy this picture. It is great to give a gift that someone really wants.
5- Andrew Peterson has a new book out. Can't wait to start it.
6- I love this company and their return policy. I order shoes and try them on and keep what I like and send back what I don't.
7-Memories of my Mama. Mama loved this plant, she called it hens and chickens. I got this pot at Kroger. I plan to transplant it to several smaller pots.
8- Gifts from friends. BriG got this for me on her senior trip. I was so touched.
9- Tomato sandwiches. I got this from a truck that had a sign that said- M R Good Tomatoes. They were very good. This means summer to me.
10-A new cookbook. I saw on a website that if you like the Pioneer Woman's cookbook that you would like Southern Plate. I agree. I do love it. I made the chocolate pound cake and it was so good! I plan to try the chocolate gravy next. She has lots of fun stories mixed in with the recipes.
11-Library Books. I get to order them online and then just pick them up when they call me. I plan to blog soon about several good ones.I am very thankful for you too!

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Laura said...

Love your thankful things - and can't wait to read about that beautiful stack of books!


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