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Monday, July 25, 2011

A fun engagement story

Here is a picture of Carl with our nephew, William. William called and asked if he could stay with us on his way to see his girlfriend, Alicia. He planned to propose on Saturday and it was a surprise to her. Her mama and daddy were in on it. When he talked to her on the phone on that Friday as he was driving down, she asked what he was doing. Running errands, maybe getting a hair cut was what he told her.
When Willy got here, he told us he NEEDED to get a haircut- he was thinking that he would skype with Alicia that night and she would know if he had gotten one. Willy also brought stuff from his bed at home so that if they skyped, it would look like he was at home! Here is his set up!
William did indeed surprise Alicia and she said YES!!!! This past weekend William and Alicia came to Little Rock so Kaitlin could take their engagement photos. We had a great time!! We had lunch with John and Marisa.
Marisa and Alicia got their nails done.
Here are some photos that I took while Kaitlin was taking pictures.

Here are Kaitlin, Alicia and William on Sunday and we were headed to church.I love family. I love it that William needed some other clothes for pictures so he wore some of Carl's. I love being a part of celebrations. Congratulations to Alicia and William, I loved our part in your engagement.

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