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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wind Chimes, Grief and my brother, John

Recently I was sitting on a bench outside of an antique store on Tybee Island with my brother, John. We saw these garden ornaments that could be hung outside and when the wind blew them you noticed the sparkle things on them. They were beautiful and gawdy at the same time and my mama would have loved them. I pointed them out to John and he agreed that we would have bought one for mama if she were living. Sitting on that bench the waves of grief found me and almost knocked me down. Just as I was missing my mama so, the wind chimes started ringing. The wind had picked up and the music from the chimes was beautiful. It made me laugh!

I recently found this articles on Grief. You can tell they were written by someone who has been there. There are 6 articles so read to the end of the article and then click on another one.

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