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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is 33 too many?????

An intervention


Andrew thinks I need one

He asked me what I was reading

Well, I am reading several books

Oh, says Andrew, are they library books?


Then I said it, I voluntarily stated that I have checked out 33 library books

Andrew gasped


Well, yes

Some I just thumb through and some I read

33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, he says again

Mother, I think you need an intervention

Wait, the phone is ringing, it's the library, they are holding a book for me

We are up to 34 now!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's not very many books. i probably have over 75 checked out right now. Some cookbooks, some gardening books, some picture books, some computer books, some poetry, some fiction, some travel books (for this year's virtual tour of Paris), some memoir,etc. Some will get read, some not, some skimmed, some devoured, some read to/or by Grace and Elizabeth,some studied. It's my tax dollars at work. Every once in awhile I vow to limit myself but it never seems to work.

Laura said...

You're my kind of girl!!


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