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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are you crafty???

Kaitlin and I had a craftcation or a staycation with crafts or a craftlapaloosa! We randomly picked a week out in August and decided that we were going to dedicate that week to crafts. When Kaitlin got her work schedule we were stunned that she had three days off in a row that week. She has never had that. How perfect!

In my preparation for our week, I cleaned off my desk so I could scrapbook in the same room as Kaitlin sewed and I found a gift certificate for Mt Fuji- thanks JenniferW! We used it one day for lunch.

I did all I could on my scrapbook called 'It's all about Kaitlin'. That is the scrapbook about her senior show, graduation and fun party afterwards. I then ordered pictures to finish it up and they should be here soon. I then started on the wedding albums for Marisa and John's wedding. I am doing an album for them and me too. I got all the photos culled for the first album which will be mine. I did this with Taylor too. I get all the kinks worked out on my scrapbook and then the second one is much faster to do.

Kaitlin sewed, tye-dyed, went through lots of pictures she has taken, and then she sewed some more. She sewed bags and pillow cases.

We bought Step-Up 3. It is a dance movie that we both enjoy. When all the books fell off the sub-woofer we realized that we might have it a wee bit LOUD. We just moved the books and enjoyed the rest of the movie.

NCIS season 8 was delivered on day 2 of our craftcation. It took us 6 days to watch that season mainly because of the Hurricane and our obsession with it.

More than just making things we laughed and visited. Several of my friends shared that they wished that their daughters would want to have a craftcation with them. I have on my to-do list to pray for all the mamas and daughters I know. I am praying for a spirit of unity. If you have this unity now, thank God for it, if not, please know that I am praying for you.

So now for pictures!

Here is Kaitlin holding a shirt of mine that I got a stain on. I could not get it out and I was ready to throw the shirt away. She said that she would like to use Rit dye on it. The last picture on this post is the final project. Just beautiful- Right ElizabethT??????
not only did she make bags but she decorated some too.
Here is a page from the wedding scrapbook- it is Marisa's shower.
lots of bags and a few pillow cases.
my very cool, one of a kind shirt. I wore it to church yesterday.We had a fabulous time! We hope to have one more before Christmas. Maybe we'll watch the next season of Castle during that one. I'll let you know!

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